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Chibi Couple
[CM] Ryoga and Ukyo by YKajitaka
[PRZ] Izark and Noriko for ShoujikoBani by YKajitaka
Knuckle Sandwich by YKajitaka
For those who commission two cheebs, either separate or together~  Comes with simple or clear background.
Character MEME WIP by YKajitaka
[KIRI] Mai for TrutoSelf by YKajitaka
700x700 px canvas.  Comes with complementary color shape and clear BG.  Bulk buys will receive 20% off each bust after the first.

Please Include:

  1. A reference picture [any format]
  2. Defining features and personality traits [scars, attitude, etc.]
  3. BG preference [color/shape]

Chibis [ON SPECIAL!]
[AT] Relic for Yuda-Lee by YKajitaka
[AT 1/2] Velvetine for Shotze by YKajitaka
[CM] Claire for NightAmbush by YKajitaka
Includes 1 chibi on 700x700 px canvas, simple BG.  Style will be at random unless specified.  Price is per character.

Please Include:
  1. A reference picture [any format] 
  2. A defining feature or personality trait [scars, attitude, etc.]
  3. Preferred style [chubbiCheeb or Chibi]
  4. Background preferences [motif, color; optional]
  5. A prompt or desired pose [optional]
Half-Body Watercolor Sketch [ON SPECIAL!]
[Gift] Chaise for Buujang by YKajitaka
[Kiriban] Chronia for Bernedett by YKajitaka
[IY] A Legit Sesshoumaru Attempt by YKajitaka
Sketchy half-body drawings (approx. waist-up or thigh-up) with light watercolors.  Above are examples for style only.  700x700 px canvas.

Please Include:
  1. A reference picture [any format] 
  2. A defining feature or personality trait [scars, attitude, etc.]
  3. Background preferences [motif, color; optional]
  4. A prompt or desired pose [optional]
Ink Pages
[PCM] Veronica Sketchpage for Jano233 by YKajitaka
[CM] Kumo Sketchpage for jano233 by YKajitaka
[PCM] SketchPage for Jano233 by YKajitaka
[PCM] Zachary Sketch Page for DanniDark by YKajitaka
Includes a minimum of 1 Half-Body and 2 Busts; the rest of the page can be filled with an assortment of half-body, bust, and chibi drawings.  Compromises can be arranged for color.  B4 size canvas.

Please Include:
  1. A reference picture [any format] 
  2. A defining features or personality traits [scars, attitude, etc.]
  3. A bit of backstory~! [optional]
  4. A prompt or desired pose [optional]

This is an option to add to any commission.  I will take a cropped portion of the commission and size it for a dA icon; this will take into account both pixel size and file size.
Simple Animation

Adds simple animation to any commission designation.  Examples include expressive accents and blinking.  Price is per moving part.
So, it's been about three weeks since I opened the emergency commissions, and I wanted to let everyone know what was going on.  Just to say it simply, the turnout has been amazing.  I can't thank you guys enough for all the support!  Out of all the commissions, only two haven't been paid yet, and the the official total is

$140 of the needed $500 has been earned!

This really is a lot of money to me; and while there's still a lot left to go, I want to thank all of you and cross my fingers for your future support in the coming weeks.  There are several big events coming up in my life; I'm moving again to get closer to my school, renting a new apartment, finals are week after next.  On top of that, I shattered the screen on my phone and had to replace it, and there are car repairs that will cost me a pretty penny in parts.  This is my only outside source of income in the very expensive venture known as college, but I hope that success is the result.

What does this mean for my commissioners?

Well, sales will continue running for now.  I really need the money, and if this price is what it takes I'll do it.  The pacing will probably be one or two pieces finished per week until school is out, and afterward I will do my best to turn out at least four or five pieces per week when I'm not moving or absorbed in family celebrations.  If you ever want to know the status of an art piece just note me, and I will get back to as soon as I possibly can.

While I have done a couple of pieces out of order, I will give my best to do them in the order I received them.  If I come to your name in the list and you haven't yet submitted payment, I will notify you by note and continue to the next commission.  I will return to your commission in the queue when payment has been received.

My goal for the Emergency designations is to have your piece finished within 3 weeks of receipt.  There have been some early delays in getting started, but I am working very quickly to catch up at the moment.  This week, a total of three commissions have been finished, and a fourth is in the inking stage despite the holiday.  I really do want to maintain and even increase this pace in the future.

Want to earn FREE art?

For every customer that lists you as a referral when they purchase a commission, I will add a free simple animation to their commission as well as give you a free watercolor sketch.  So please, pass the word around!  I'm keeping very close track of my customers, so if you come up as a referral and are currently in my queue, not only will you receive the free sketch, but you will also receive an animation on your commission!

Not enough?  Purchase characters in batches of 5+ and earn a postcard-size watercolor sketch for free!

Have more than five of your referrals commissioned me?  Get a free cheeb on the spot.

Don't forget you can SUPPORT ME ON PATREON and get free art, peeks, and much, much more as well!!  For now, once I make it to five patrons I will begin the livestreams; some will be exclusive, but I will also run many that are open sketch commissions for only 100:points: / $1.  

And a THANK YOU for the road!

I really am so grateful for all the support I've received in the last few weeks; as soon as I'm able, I will update with a new commission journal or infographic to let people know what the sales are.  For now, I'll start plowing through with all the wonderful pieces I owe my commissioners!
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United States
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I'm this crazy chick who loves anime, drawing, writing and reading... and is rarely found doing something else.

Currently studying Linguistics at UNT with a minor in Japanese~

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