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Chibi Couple
[CM] Ryoga and Ukyo by YKajitaka
[PRZ] Izark and Noriko for ShoujikoBani by YKajitaka
Knuckle Sandwich by YKajitaka
For those who commission two cheebs, either separate or together~  Comes with simple or clear background.
[KIRI] Mai for TrutoSelf by YKajitaka
[CM] Santa Alice for Alice-Glory-TG by YKajitaka
700x700 px canvas.  Comes with complementary color shape and clear BG.  Bulk buys will receive 20% off each bust after the first.

Please Include:

  1. A reference picture [any format]
  2. Defining features and personality traits [scars, attitude, etc.]
  3. BG preference [color/shape]

Chibis [ON SPECIAL!]
[AT] Relic for Yuda-Lee by YKajitaka
[AT 1/2] Velvetine for Shotze by YKajitaka
[CM] Claire for NightAmbush by YKajitaka
Includes 1 chibi on 700x700 px canvas, simple BG.  Style will be at random unless specified.  Price is per character.

Please Include:
  1. A reference picture [any format] 
  2. A defining feature or personality trait [scars, attitude, etc.]
  3. Preferred style [chubbiCheeb or Chibi]
  4. Background preferences [motif, color; optional]
  5. A prompt or desired pose [optional]
Half-Body Watercolor Sketch [ON SPECIAL!]
[Kiriban] Chronia for Bernedett by YKajitaka
[CM] Alice for Alice-Glory-TG by YKajitaka
Sketchy half-body drawings (approx. waist-up or thigh-up) with light watercolors.  Above are examples for style only.  700x700 px canvas.

Please Include:
  1. A reference picture [any format] 
  2. A defining feature or personality trait [scars, attitude, etc.]
  3. Background preferences [motif, color; optional]
  4. A prompt or desired pose [optional]
Ink Pages
[PCM] Veronica Sketchpage for Jano233 by YKajitaka
[CM] Kumo Sketchpage for jano233 by YKajitaka
[PCM] SketchPage for Jano233 by YKajitaka
[PCM] Zachary Sketch Page for DanniDark by YKajitaka
Includes a minimum of 1 Half-Body and 2 Busts; the rest of the page can be filled with an assortment of half-body, bust, and chibi drawings.  Compromises can be arranged for color.  B4 size canvas.

Please Include:
  1. A reference picture [any format] 
  2. A defining features or personality traits [scars, attitude, etc.]
  3. A bit of backstory~! [optional]
  4. A prompt or desired pose [optional]

This is an option to add to any commission.  I will take a cropped portion of the commission and size it for a dA icon; this will take into account both pixel size and file size.
Simple Animation

Adds simple animation to any commission designation.  Examples include expressive accents and blinking.  Price is per moving part.

Status: Unintended Semi-Hiatus ;-;

If I were to do a series of fanarts (nearish future hypothetically after I finish all my CMs) what sounds good? 

2 deviants said Harajuku-style/Movies crossevers (ex. a steampunk wa-loli Harry Potter)
1 deviant said Anti-Heroes (ex. Medea, Jack Sparrow)
1 deviant said Rivals (ex. Niizuma Eiji, Kouga, Uchiha Sasuke)
No deviants said Screenshot Redraws (ex. five favorite scenes from an anime determined by poll)
No deviants said Best Heroines (ex. Higurashi Kagome, Hermione Granger; my top 3 + two by poll)


Why Zutara is technically more plausible than Kataang:

Because if Aang hadn't run away, that 100 year moratorium would never have happened.  =v=  He'd be old and decrepit by the time she was born.  =v=;;
Okay, the giveaway didn't happen.  Still shy about 40 pageviews until 50k~  If someone catches it, I'll still do them a little sketch.  =v=  Sorry it's not as big a kiri as usual, but my life is hellishly busy atm.  TTvTT;

If I hit 50k on my birthday [it's about 200views away, my birthday is on the 1st, so Monday], I'll hold a special giveaway of FIVE sketches, your OC with your favorite of my OCs~!!
//goes looking for some HakoMajo Bianca fanart

//only finds her own work.  TTvTT;
I FINALLY got to draw some today!  By some, I mean like 20 minutes.  TTvTT;  It isn't much, but it made me so happy.  I started trying to draw a few days ago, but something was wrong... somewhere... and whenever I attempted to draw with my tablet the pen would jerk and jump all over the place.  QaQ 

3 In Progress-
    ** Two in secondary sketch phase
    ** One in inking


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I'm this crazy chick who loves anime, drawing, writing and reading... and is rarely found doing something else.

Currently studying Creative Writing at UNT with a minor in Japanese~



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